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A New Earning Model

Deadline first, flex the scope

Be firm but sympathetic

Be an assistant buyer and negotiate continuously

Define roles and play them

Cherish click with - and professionalism of your client

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Learn how to earn respect & income more efficiently

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A New Earning Model

This way of (working) life deals with what you could do – and deals also with what you shouldn’t do – to make a pleasant living with what you are good at. Earn respect and income more easily.

Deadline first, flex the scope

Deadline first results in delivering on time by flexing the scope.

Be firm but sympathetic

Stick to the rules of engagement.

Be an assistant buyer

 Instead of being a sales person.

Define roles

… and play them well.

Cherish the click

The click with a client paves a 2-way professional attitude. 


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How good you are, how socially connected you are, doesn’t matter that much. There is other things that add more to the amount of respect and money you earn. 
Check out the five pillars of a new earning and see what you can build on them for your own sake.